Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Page Access Protection

I believe since version 3.1, the pages now have Page Access Protection. Use this feature to the fullest to protect the sensitive pages in your application. Without this malicious users can tamper with the URL and do harm. It's available under Page Attributes -> Security -> Page Access Protection. I recommend using "Arguments must have checksum". This will ensure that a checksum is appended to the URL that is specific to only that specific instance of the URL and cannot be manipulated.

In addition, you should also use another mechanism to secure the sensitive buttons, pl/sql processes in the page.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Accordion using JQuery

Created this demo site where I will be posting new things I try out. It now has a page to show how to get JQuery accordion running within Apex, it's so simple to setup and use. Hope you guys like it. JQuery is so cool, this weekend was dedicated to it. Why didn't I look into it earlier? :)

Updated: 2/2/09: Also added DatePicker (page level and application level)

My first screencast about the Cricket Club Portal

Check this screencast of the upcoming Cricket Club Portal that's under development. Wanted to create a sneak peak to garner the interest. It's developed using Oracle Apex. :)

Cricket Club Portal screencast