Friday, January 9, 2009


Check out this handy reference to enable openId on your website. OpenId enables your clients to login to your website using one single userid/password, taking the hassle out of remembering multiple userids/passwords for each site. If you are using yahoo, gmail, blogger, wordpress etc. you already have openid, you just need to enable them and use it.

Check this handy reference:

To learn more about openId, check out the official website at:


Louis-Guillaume Carrier-B├ędard said...


Did you try OpenID with an APEX application?

Sujay Dutta, PMP said...

Not yet, but my research is still on, it seems like you need to use a third party library to get this working. These libraries are written in Java, PHP etc. I hope to find opensource/free web services to do this. Janrain's RPX free service seems to be only for development purposes. If I get this working, I will definitely post it in my blog.