Saturday, April 4, 2009

iPhone Application with Oracle Apex and iWebKit

Created the mobile version of Philadelphia Cricket League website for iPhone using Oracle Apex, JQuery and iWebKit. It's came out pretty neat, it's a work in progress but I had to post this in sheer excitement :). All this without actually using the Apple iPhone SDK.

Like me if you don't have an iPhone/Touch, you can always view it in

Corresponding thread in Oracle Apex Forum:


Martin Giffy D'Souza said...

Very impressive! Thanks for pointing out iWebKit.


Rutger said...

Very nice work Sujay! I love the jQuery accordion as well! Nicely done!
iWebkit really makes this stuff a lot easyier doesn't it!


Sujay Dutta, PMP said...

It sure does. I will probably make a donation to them :) iWebkit is much easier than using the Apple SDK.

Venkatesh said...


Could you share some more details on how to go about doing this ?

I have to develop a proof of concept at our organization using APEX.


Merete said...

Hi Sujay

Could you perharps share a tiny iphone/web enabled appl. on , to make the rest of us get started?

Very nice work with the cricket appl.



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Can You give us a book or a link.
I want to develop a site with IWEBKIT and apex.